What is DermaLux Light Therapy?

Dermalux LED Phototherapy – ‘Treatment with Light’ – is the application of therapeutic light energy to stimulate or regulate specific biological processes with proven skin enhancing effects. 

Specific clinically proven wavelengths are absorbed by key skin receptors which trigger a transfer of light energy to cellular energy fuelling repair. 

LED Phototherapy is well evidenced for its regenerative and anti-inflammatory benefits without creating trauma making it safe and suitable for all skin types. The treatment offers a complexion boost and targets a range of problematic skin concerns.

Why is it so helpful?

Led phototherapy has been around for a number of years however it’s capabilities are only expanding as more research is done! 

The regenerative attributes allow the skin to have reduced inflammation, without creating any further damage to the skin. This allows your natural skin cells to experience accelerated healing without causing any lasting damage!