ear pierceWe use official pre packed sterile Caflon studs for ear piercing, we have a range of colours and styles.

The treatment includes the cleaning solution and the earrings. We do ear piercing from as young as 3 months old and only pierce the lobes.


Don’t remove your earrings for the first 6-weeks after your piercing.

Taking your earring out exposes the piercing to possible infection, and increases the likelihood that the piercing will heal over, preventing you from re-inserting the earring later on.


Be careful not to get things caught on your earrings.

Always put on and remove articles of clothing slowly, and avoid pulling long hair away from your face very quickly. Getting something caught on your earring could possibly rip it out, causing not only significant pain but also a ruined piercing.


Clean your piercing regularly for the first few weeks.

Cleaning your piercing on a regular basis will help stimulate healing and prevent an infection. As a result, you should use a saline solution on your ears every day, and clean your piercing with soap as needed for the 4-6 week healing period.

Ear Piercing

Caflon Ear Piercing including choice of earring & cleaning solution£30.00