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EnvirontreatmentcrowsfeetEnviron Skin Care offers the most advanced approach to achieving results that you can see and feel in your skin with a high-tech facial which bridges the gap between beauty therapy and modern medical science. Environ’s Active Vitamin Treatment is the ultimate treatment for restoring and maintaining healthy, firm, youthful looking skin.
Using only the freshest and most active forms of vitamin A, C, lactic acid and colostrum, this treatment results in the greatest penetration of active molecules through the skin to stimulate collagen production, hydrate, reduce pigmentation and scarring and normalise skin cells.   A course of treatments gives results which previously were only achievable with more aggressive treatments like peels or laser.
The Environ Ionzyme machine applies a combination of electrical pulses and special sound waves to increase the penetration of vital skin vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene by up to 40 times compared with simply massaging creams in by hand.  Our climate depletes these vitamins in our skins and is the major cause of premature aging and poor skin condition.
The same low-frequency soundwave is used in the medical world to transmit high levels of drugs quickly and effectively through the skin.  Using this powerful skincare technology, the skin is more radiant, firmer and finer-textured with effects noticeable after just one session.

A course of 12 Active Vitamin Treatments is recommended, with treatments once or twice a week.

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Hands on Facial 45 min. £45.00
Precision Facial (target specific area of Face)  45 min. £50.00
Environ Targeted Facial
Targeted area Treated. Suitable for all skin type        £60
Environ Advance Facial
Full face and neck treatment includes mini lactic peel. Suitable for all skin types £80
Hydra-Boost Treatment (special for Brides / Special occasions) £85.00
Collagen Facial 60 min. (to boost & Stimulate Collagen) £65.00
No-tox  60 min (* £55 when purchased and used own focus Frown serum) £70.00
Environ Acne Peel (for problematic skin) 60 min. / Full Course £70.00 / £350.00
Cool Peel Treatment 60 min. / Full Course £70.00 / £350.00
Bespoke Facials
Venus Radiance Facial 90 mins. Combining Environ and Caci synergy for a facial designed to give you brighter more radiant skin £90.00
Venus Purifying Facial 90 mins. Combining Environ and Caci synergy Purifying facial designed to treat the bacteria and skin build up that causes acne giving you a brighter and clearer complexion £90.00
Venus Anti-Aging Facial 75 mins. Combining Environ and Caci Jowl Lift or Eye Revive treatments and products to target your individual anti – aging concern. £80.00
Venus Ultimate Facial 120 mins. Combining two amazing machines to give the very best results possible; the Environ Advanced Facial and Caci synergy Non-surgical Facelift together is everything you need to give you the best results in anti-aging. £120.00

All the prices quoted are for guidelines only and are subject to changes.Packages are available with laser hair removal and prices may vary from above due to size of area etc.

We offer a FREE consultation with our laser hair removal, so if you have any questions on pricing etc then please call to book in with Mita on 0208 668 9555 or email venuslaserhairandbeauty@gmail.com.