Whether you want a quick fix for a night out or a more long term look we have the lashes you need at Venus laser hair and beauty.

We have a variety of lashes from strip, cluster to individual semi permanent lashes. All of which you can choose your desired look ready to impress.

A few facts about eyelashes

They have a three-month life cycle.

The lifespan of a eyelash is about 90 days.

The upper and lower lashes are different.

As you can likely see by looking at your own lashes, the ones on the upper lid are much fuller, with about 200 lashes total. The lower lid, on the other hand, typically only has about 100 lashes.

They’re typically a little shorter than a centimetre.

Most lashes grow to an average of 10 millimetres

The longest eyelash on record was 2.75 inches long.

the eyelash that holds the record for being a longest somehow grew to a whopping 6.4 centimetres (or just over two-and-a-half inches).