Sienna X Spray TansWe use official Sienna X products for all our spray tanning. The award winning system helps you to achieve your perfect tan which can be tailored to you, we also stock a range of home care tanning products so you can maintain your tan at home.


Pros & Cons of Spray Tanning


It’s a really easy process! Once you’ve prepared, a technician then sprays your entire body with a fine mist.  Once you blend it in a little, that’s it, you’re done! It’s definitely a little easier and less time-consuming than spreading a lotion or gel all over your body.

You get a fantastic even coverage from a spray tan which looks much more natural than the streaky results you can get from a lotion.



Tanning sprays can stain clothes as well as skin, making it potentially a messy way to give your skin a healthy glow.

Another disadvantage of a spray-on tan is that the colour only lasts a few days. DHA, the main colorant in spray tan fades within a week as dead skin cells are shed.

Environ Facials

Hands on Facial 45 min.£45,00
Precision Facial (target specific area of Face) 45 min.£50.00
Environ Targeted Facial.
Targeted area Treated, suitable for all skin type
Environ Advance Facial
Full face and neck treatment includes mini lactic peel. Suitable for all skin types
Hydra-Boost Treatment (special for Brides / Special occasions)£85.00
Collagen Facial 60 min. (to boost & Stimulate Collagen)£65.00
No-tox 60 min (* £55 when purchased and used own focus Frown serum)£70.00
Environ Acne Peel (for problematic skin), 60 min. / Full Course£70.00 / £350.00
Cool Peel Treatment, 60 min. / Full Course£70.00 / £350.00
Bespoke Facials:
Venus Radiance Facial 90 mins. Combining Environ and Caci synergy for a facial designed to give you brighter more radiant skin
Bespoke facials:
Venus Purifying Facial 90 mins. Combining Environ and Caci synergy Puriying facial designed to treat the bacteria and skin build up that causes acne, giving you a brighter and clearer complexion
Venus Anti-Aging Facial 75 mins. Combining Environ and Caci Jowl Lift or Eye Revive treatments and products to target your individual anti – aging concern.£80.00
Venus Ultimate Facial 120 mins. Combining two amazing machines to give he the very best results possible; the Environ Advanced Facial and Caci synergy Non-surgical Facelift together is everything you need to give you the best results in anti-aging.£120.00